The Ghats of Varanasi, India

Friday, July 3, 2009

The ghats were filled with early morning risers anxious to say their prayers and put their offerings into the great river Ganges.

Varan 2

We were out there with them by about 5:15 am…and yes…we sort of saw the sunrise..through a little heat haze…but that’s the sun!

Varan 3

I just love the pictures of the ghats in the daylight — they’re filled to the brim with bright and colorful people and buildings!

Varan 4


It’s a little early for some…

Varan 6

O.K…who else is feeling a little voyeuristic?

Varan 7

Varan 9

Varan 10

Seriously…there I am…standing up in the boat with my camera trained on everyone in the water…

Varan 8

Varan 13

Varan 14

Varan 15

These are the changing rooms for the ladies…

Varan 16

Varan 17

Varan 18

Varan 19

I love this picture!

Varan 20

Back to the cremation grounds…

Varan 21

Varan 22

Varan 23

Varan 24

We left our boat not far from the cremation grounds and walked up through the oldest section of the city…and as with other old cities…the older the part…the more narrow the path the walkways.

Varan 28

Varan 29

With space at a premium…it makes sense to sleep in the shop.

Varan 30

She’s cooking breakfast in the white pot.

Varan 31

It’s breakfast time for everyone…

Varan 32

While the cows wander on their own all day…they know where their home is and make sure that they’re back there in time to be fed and milked each morning.

Varan 33

Varan 34

Varan 35

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